I <3 Sheldon

4 Aug

Monday nights on CBS have become something of a favorite for me, reminiscent of when Thursday nights on NBC had “Friends” to lead its lineup or when what-station-was-it used to do TGIF with some “Full House” and “Boy Meets World.”

What I like so much about the hours between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. is that they’re full of sitcoms, real sitcomes, of the half hour variety. Thirty-minute comedies seem to be on the way out, or are already on the way out, but CBS seems to have struck some kind of golden chord with its lineup of “How I Met Your Mother,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory.” I don’t really watch “Engagement,” but two of the greatest characters on television make up the bookends of that listing.

My love of Barney will be saved for another blog. Nono, this one, I dedicate to Sheldon, the awkward, briliant, fabulous Jim Parsons. Excuse me: EMMY-nominated Jim Parsons. I’ve only ever seen Parsons once before, for about four minutes in “Garden State,” but it’s in his role as Sheldon that the gangly twentysomething rules.

I feel the need to exhault Sheldon right now because of the repeat that was on last night. “Big Bang” devoted 30 minutes to reasons why Sheldon doesn’t drive, and his pals try desperately to teach him how. It’s possibly the one thing I have in common with my physics-loving lover; I didn’t get my license until I was 19. Granted, I was terrified when I was 16, not busy examining perturbative amplitudes in N=4 supersymmetric theories leading to a re-examination of the ultraviolet properties of multi-loop N=8 supergravity using modern twistor theory.

And, ya know, I eventaully learned, unlike Sheldon. But still, kinship is kinship.

Have you discovered the wonder that is “The Big Bang Theory” yet? Who’s your favorite character? I have to say, after Sheldon, I’m quite partial to Penny. She’s adorable and much, much smarter than she — or her neighbors — give her credit for.

Below, figure out how Sheldon gets his temps without ever actaully taking the test.

And here, Jim Parsons as Jim Parsons, because it’s crazy to see him be normal. Even though you can tell, he’s a total geek, too, in his own less-than-Sheldon way. And I ❤ him for that.


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