‘SYTYCD,’ live blogged

29 Jul

7:52 — OK, “So You Think You Can Dance” doesn’t actually start for eight minutes, but I’m already sad to think about a whole two hours of dancing glory WITHOUT Janette, the Bestest Dancer Ever. Stupid America.

7:59 — ((sniffle)) JANETTE!!!! … And no Jason. I’m OK with that, but I bet Jeanine isn’t. I have a theory that they were (are?) dating.

8 — OMG the finale is next week??? That’s right … four make it there. Craziness. God, the season went fast. I’m so glad they’re doing a fall episode. The Better Brother (Ryan Kasprzak) could make it!

8:01 — Did Melissa only make it last week, kicking out my Janette, because of the breast cancer dance?

8:02 — Lil C!!! I love that he talks like a dictionary.

8:03 — Janette!! WAHHH!

8:04 — I don’t think this is the best top 20, Nigel. They’re good, sure, but no way is it the best. There aren’t enough stand-outs for this group to be the best.

8:05 — Sonya is so my fav. “Willy Wonka-esque”? YAY! Go home Evan.

8:09 — I actually grunted at one of Brandon’s acrobatic bits. That was crap tons of fun.

8:11 — I want Mary’s earrings.

8:12 — I’m gonna buy you some of those pink and black checked pantaloons, modeled by the three boys.

8:17 — Oooh, Samba. Janine is like the sexiest dancer ever.

8:19 — Janine has a tail … And OMG they bleeped out “stick”????? FAIL, FOX. BIG STICK’ING FAIL.

8:20 — That was NOT as sexy as promised. Janine and Ade were moving too fast and choppily and smiling WAY too big for sexiful.

8:22 — Hehe. “Explosion of excellence.” Go Lil C.

8:24 — I wish I liked Kayla. She’s a much better dancer than you’d think listening to me. Why does she strike me as vapid? Also, I hate that the show has all the dancers do solos. I prefer partnered routines.

8:27 — Heeeeee! I’m very looking forward to “Glee.” I wanna be a gleek.

8:30 — Yeah, I figured if Melissa picked Evan, then there’s nothing “random” about the hat drawing. And they’re doing Broadway? Yeah. Totes random. ((rolling eyes))

8:32 — How cute are those costumes for Melissa and Evan?

8:33 — HAHAHAHA! Evan did all that in sock suspenders and boxers!

8:36 — Melissa was my fav going into this season. I dunno if she still is? … Awwww, she made more ballerinas try out. That is an insanely sweet compliment, Nigel.

8:37 — Oh, Ade. That was beautiful. Insanely beautiful. Can I bring you home, prettyplease?

8:39 — Is that Zach Braff playing a puppy for a toiler paper commercial?

8:44 — Ooooh, Brandon/Kayla contemporary is going to be stunning.

8:45 — Chills … And again.

8:48 — New choreographer Stacey Tookey claps like Paula.

8:50 — “At the end of this, I think they’re all going to have to go into therapy.” Hehe, oh Nigel.

8:51 — This is Melissa’s first solo where she hasn’t seemed desperate or tired. Simple, but lovely.

8:57 — Hip hop … please don’t suck. There has yet to be a GOOD hip hop routine here. One was decent, but no GOOD ones.

9 — YAY! Best dance of the night, Janine and Ade.

9:02 — Was that Janine’s brother who was all surprised to see himself on the screen? Too cute.

9:05 — Brandon’s solo. Oh. My. God. AND standing o’s from the judges. Hot damn.

9:14 — “I certainly hope in three days, he is strong enough to not drop me,” says Melissa. “Ouch,” thinks Evan.

9:15 — Love love love love love Melissa’s dress … Is this one of the best quick steps that’s been on the show?

9:18 — Judges say no.

9:25 — Icky solo, Janine. She seemed bored. Being an expert hair tosser does not a good solo make.

9:26 — Yes, Cat tells me. That is Janine’s bro.

9:27 — Awesome solo, Evan. Sooo … can the Broadway Baby just not partner?

9:34 — HA! Did you see how red poor Kayla’s face was hanging upside down on Brandon during the practice?

9:35 — WHOA … YAY.. Uhhhhhhhh … All in a good way.

9:36 — Hahahahah, the look on Brandon’s face as he peers around Kayla’s leg for that final pose!

9:37 — “You have to go and befriend certain characteristics of the challenge … and you have to see with your ears.” Yes. Mmhm. You betcha, Lil C.

9:41 — A geunine, full-belly laugh out loud. Look at Nigel go!

9:47 — Sonya doing all the gals in contemporary = yay yay yay.

9:49 — Poor Kayla! Her eyes were full of tears when Janine socked her. Poor thing … I love this I love this I love this. The dance, not getting punched.

9:51 — I want to watch that again. Please, Fox? Play it again?

9:52 — Boo, Lil C. I think they ate from the bowl of the stage.

9:54 — If those three ladies showed up at Comic-Con, the fellows there will have a giant collective hard-on. I’m just sayin’.

9:55 — Nigel should stop hitting on Janine. “You can’t tie down talent, can you?” Her corsett is laced up and her poor boobies are trying to peek out. It has not escaped his notice.

9:56 — Can I vote for Janette? No? OK, I won’t vote today. All are great, and the only person I don’t want in the top four is Evan, and I’m not voting for two men to try and get one guy out. … Hmmm, Melissa’s TEMPO-03. I’ll note that, in case I change my mind.

What did you think of tonight’s semifinales, all?


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