First Etsy saaaaaale!!

21 Jul

First off, apologies for that last, random-seeming post. I wanted to claim my blog at Technorati, and to do so required that riveting blog.

Jaclyn1423's first Etsy sale!

Jaclyn1423's first Etsy sale!

But now, to the fun stuff: I made a sale on Etsy!! Yes, I knew it was coming … But that doesn’t appear to diminish the fact that, frankly, I want to dance around my apartment.

Que music (aaaah, that tushie!)


((continues to dance as I type)) In any case, I’m still pretty hopeful about this whole Etsy thing. I’m not even two months in. I know the market on that site is crazy saturated with jewelry, but it’s so much fun to make. I like to think my stuff is interesting and fun? I like bright, I like pretty, I reeeeally like affordable. Meh, we’ll see.

In the  meantime …

((well I guess it would be nice, if I could …))


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