Annoyance at the bookstore

3 May

I hit up both Barnes & Nobel and Borders yesterday in an effort to find two different books: a William Stafford poetry book and a young adult book by a nationally known author who happens to live in town. Both bookstores failed me.

Now, Stafford has won the National Book Award and has been the U.S.’s poet laureate. This is not some mopey fellow who finds brilliance on a cereal box. How on earth can two major bookstores not carry some of his work? (In case you’d like to read it, here’s the poem that made me decide I needed to own a Stafford book.) 

As for the local author, the woman has done a number of signings for these bookstores, bringing in hundreds of people to make purchases they probably wouldn’t have otherwise made. And these stores can’t even carry her books? Never mind that she should have her own display case — she should at least be on the shelves!

Chain bookstores, you have done me wrong. I’ll go to the old favorite standby — a used bookstore — and spend my wares. Too bad my local author won’t get any portion of my $8, though.


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