Black out in the sewer, meet a giant fish

21 Apr

Ever hear a pop culture reference and be completely in the dark then end up feeling a bit like a fool?

A friend’s Facebook status told me: “Leads a workshop, promotes synergy and directs work flow. LIKE A BOSS!” Clearly, I thought he was making fun of himself for being a bum and for all the blue shirts for, you know, promoting synergy.

And then someone told me about the SNL “Like a Boss!” skit.

(Cue crickets.)

I watched it. And I laughed. And I wondered: Why the heck is this irreverent, wildly NSFW content so popular? I’m posting some of the best ones for when you get bored. Censorship is the devil, so here are the unedited versions.

“Like a Boss”

“I’m on a Boat”

“Dick in a Box”

And, the one that started it all: “Lazy Sunday”


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